If the medium is the message, then Calgary has a lot to say to the innovation community. This handsome, modern cowboy is the perfect companion for networking, dealmaking and dreaming big. Just being there makes you sexier, so get out a little and let your light shine.

Ten Foot Henry – This big guy is manly enough to dish out his gourmet vegetarian cuisine right in the heart of Cowtown. Gotta try the salmon, and don’t even think about just showing up. Reserve now.

Calgary Tower – Like the air up there? This needle built back in 1968 is so old-skool it’s cool. Check out the 360-degree view of the city. Literally top off your trip with dinner in the restaurant.

Betty Lou’s Library – Step #1, find the place. Step #2, enjoy the skin-tingling vibe of this 1920s-style speakeasy. You’ll never forget being at Betty Lou’s.

Glenbow Museum – Culture and history junkies get ready, this is a world-class museum that tells the stories of pioneers, settlers and Indigenous peoples of the area. Opens at 9 on Saturday before your flight leaves.

Silk Road Spice Merchant – Nestled in the trendy Inglewood neighbourhood, this shop will delight with its exotic wares. Saunter through this community on your way there and back — there are plenty of gems to discover.

YYC Cycle – Don’t miss your workout while you’re busy businessing — spin it out. This is like Soul Cycle but punchier and without the candle smoke.

St. Patrick’s Island – Fish, stroll, hang, relax on this 31-acre island. It’s got vibe.

Village Ice Cream – Three locations to choose from, and they all have hand-made awesomeness in a scoop. Each day features a new flavour — just like Inventures.

Annex Ale Project – The city’s newest craft brewery and tap room. Discuss a deal in this heady atmosphere, and it’ll likely happen.

Banff – Canada’s best National Park, or at least we know it is. Enjoy sky-high mountains, raging rivers, and growling grizzlies. Come feel awed by and connected to the largesse of the place — all at the same time. If you visit Calgary without seeing Banff, your future self will never forgive you.

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