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Three unforgettable days of smashing the status quo! Meet the brightest minds, angel investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders from across the globe that are solving the most critical issues of our time. Join us for the hottest innovation event at the nexus of humanity and technology. 

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David Usher

David Usher

Juno Award-Winning Musician | Creativity & AI Expert

When innovative companies like Google, 3M, Cisco, Pepsi, Rogers, and SAP want to spark creativity in their employees and executives, they bring in David Usher. He doesn’t just talk creativity and artificial intelligence (AI) – he lives it. Usher draws from his unique experience as the lead singer of Moist; a multi-platinum, four-time Juno award-winning musician; a bestselling author; and as the founder of the artificial intelligence creative studio, Reimagine AI, to help organizations reboot their creativity in this brave new world of disruptive change.

Inventures 2024 is set to unveil an extraordinary lineup of globally acclaimed keynote speakers, distinguished presenters, and expert panelists, all poised to delve into six of the most critical global issues of our time. Our 2024 content tracks are:

Growing up: Food Tech Farm to Fork

Canada’s booming $144 billion agri-food industry is leading the charge with cutting-edge innovations to combat global food insecurity. Embracing AI, analytics, robotics, and more, these emerging technologies are transforming the way we monitor crops and livestock, boosting efficiency and yields. Join us at Inventures to discover the latest breakthrough improvements in ag tech.

Earth Tech: Building Everything Better

Clean tech experts are spearheading game-changing solutions in a staggering estimated $3 trillion global market, revolutionizing everything from energy grids to materials, manufacturing, and logistics. Their focus? Crafting technologies that drive a cleaner, greener circular economy while enhancing the resilience and livability of communities. Join us to gain insights from pioneers at the forefront of developing advanced processes, materials, and clean energy solutions. Discover your next project collaborators, champions, and backers.

Tech Triathlon: Quantum + AI + IoT

Witness the convergence of generative AI, quantum computing, and IoT as they reshape industries, unlocking trillions in business and market value. With a combined worth of $748 billion, these technologies are the heartbeat of our economy, transforming healthcare, banking, transportation, and more. Explore how these innovations enhance efficiency, foster innovation, and deliver impressive ROI.

Entrepreneurship: Accelerating Scale-Up

In 2022, startups ignited a $6 trillion global wave, driven by digital and data technology. Scaling is the name of the game, and astute investors are identifying trends and early-stage unicorns throughout the supply chain. Join us to gain insights from entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers on the challenges confronting scale-ups and the strategies to support their growth journey. Forge valuable connections with potential partners, mentors, and investors at Inventures 2024.

Blurring Boundaries: Tech at Work

An estimated 3 billion gamers worldwide are transforming every facet of life from skilled trades to e-sports, and from leisure to learning. Understanding the “blur” is critical for the survival of businesses in their quest to attract and retain talent in an increasingly competitive environment. Explore the ever-changing relationships between humans and technology and how they are shaping the new world of work. Collaborate with solution providers to tackle specific workplace challenges.

Live Long, Live Well: Unveiling Health Data

Pandemic response stalled essential health services in 92% of countries, from immunizations to preventive care, adding billions to system costs. Data is key to unlocking better health outcomes focused on improving individualized patient care. Learn how technology can help bridge healthcare data gaps and optimize resources by increasing the flow of critical information. Connect with the experts and policymakers who are leading the healthcare data revolution.

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