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Inventures: Ignite Innovation, Break Boundaries

Inventures is where the best minds from all around the world come together–in real life and virtually–to learn, to share and to experience awe-inspiring creative collisions.
Due to concerns for the health and safety of our participants, staff and community during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Inventures leadership team rescheduled 2020’s in-person event to 2021 and announced new, virtual programming that will launch June 3-4, 2020, through an exclusive live-stream event.

Meet Inventures Unbound

Unbound is our way of staying together as a community of innovators and investors come what may. It’s digital-only programming that will help startups, scaleups, investors and thought leaders stay linked no matter the boundaries placed before us.
Unbound is the ultimate platform to share, inspire and interconnect virtually—-now and moving forward. Access exclusive live-stream experiences, expert content, pitch events, and engage in a vital, growing community of innovators, investors, and service providers. Passes are just $99, and if you have a pass to Inventures 2021, then you also have access to Unbound.

Looking Forward to Inventures 2021

In 2021, engage with 4000+ ambitious startups, scaleups, influential investors, international thought and industry leaders, all covered by local and national media. This will be an unforgettable experience that opens doors, opens minds and erases boundaries, bringing entrepreneurs and startups together with venture capitalists, angel investors, service providers and thought leaders. Passes are on sale now.

Inventures Programming Offers Insights Into:

Innovation of work

The rise of the ‘do anything from anywhere’ gig economy workforce is being shaped by technologies that overcome distance and time. Adaptation at the pace of innovation is deepening human to humanoid interaction through automation and machine learning. In parallel, data visualization, augmented reality technologies and educational shifts are bringing the arts to STEM, opening doors to a new agile, creative and interdisciplinary workforce.

Agriculture in the technology age

Nearly one billion people on earth are undernourished. Advancements in genomics and real time sensor data, combined with the far-reaching zero waste movement, is driving a wholesale redesign of food production and processing systems. This is turning labour intensive farm-to-fork supply chains into high-tech agricultural production hubs designed to feed more people using a smaller footprint.

The future is AI

Artificial intelligence will add $13 trillion to the global economy over the next decade according to McKinsey. The wide spectrum of intelligent automation and algorithmic learning technologies represents a powerful and adaptive strategic platform. Combined with machine learning, AI is creating new predictive capabilities, solving industry challenges and enabling breakthroughs in drug research, bio-industrial materials and advanced manufacturing and logistics.

Healthier living, broader thinking

Innovation is revolutionizing the way we treat disease and how we can prevent it. Sensor technology, predictive data models, advanced algorithms and robotics are at the heart of the transformation in how health care is designed, delivered and received. Technologies that put the person at the center of the solution are helping to save lives and lessen costs on a local and global scale.

Smart cities, vibrant communities

Innovation is transforming cities from concrete monoliths to symbiotic neighbourhoods where people live, work and play. Adaptive communities that are climate resilient and resource efficient are emerging on a foundation of smart electricity grids, regenerative utility systems, 3-D construction technologies and sustainable materials. Together with STEM, community designers and social scientists are creating vibrant livable spaces that reimagine daily interaction between people, structures and technologies.

Data in the digital world

Data is the new currency – with an estimated 20 billion active IoT (internet of things) devices in use. This is driving monumental leaps in blockchain, quantum computing, fintech and an augmented analytics market that DatSci predicts will reach $18.4 billion globally by 2023. This fast-paced quest to conquer the data field is met by equal urgency to create impenetrable security systems for global trade, banking and consumer product supply chains to serve the global population of digital-first millennials now shaping the workforce and marketplace.

Who Is Inventures For?

Investors: Inventures gathers entrepreneurs, startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) seeking partners, advisors and capital. Inventures, be it IRL or virtual, is a one-stop opportunity to assess fast-growing players through pitch competitions and discover investment gems across the entrepreneurial landscape.

Entrepreneurs: Inventures gives you access to investors, thought leaders and fellow entrepreneurs through keynotes, panels, pitch competitions and informal networking opportunities.

Researchers, Academics and Industry Thought Leaders: Inventures provides multiple programming streams for discovery, sharing and deeper learning in emerging and transforming industries.

Business, Market Development and Investment Advisors and Professional Services Providers: Inventures is a platform to showcase solutions for the startup, scale and spread of networks that tap into and feed the exponential growth of the global innovation knowledge hub.

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