Agriculture in the Technology Age

Advances in agri-food technology (ag-tech) promise improvements in productivity, efficiency, yield, sustainability and decision-making. Artificial intelligence, automation, big data, cloud analytics and systems integration are only some of the pieces behind these promises of prosperity. The goal is to convert data into intelligence, shape automated ecosystems and create smart farm platforms for scaling technologies across the agri-food value chain. Advances in the ag-tech sector are happening quickly and in many jurisdictions around the world, but will they be enough?

Join other curious minds and five experts working on the cutting-edge boundaries of ag as they discuss what’s working, what’s not, and what’s next, June 4 in the Agriculture in the Technology Age track of Inventures Unbound:

Lessons from Global Ag Systems—Sarah Nolet, CEO and founder of AgThentic and Chris Paterson, agronomy and agribusiness expert
Discover how new investment in the Canadian Agri-food Automation and Intelligence Network (CAAIN) is positioning the Canadian industry to grow in value and output to help feed the world by producing more with less.

Innovation in Agriculture: How Supply Chain Strategies Are Adapting to a Changing Industry Landscape—Josh Chapman, COO of Landscape Hub
Now in the time of COVID-19, positive outcomes in community health have begun to rely more and more on radical, non-traditional partnerships. Discover how cross-industry decision makers are working to create equitable new policies and infrastructure.

Reimagine Hydrocarbons—David Layzell, University of Calgary
Global warming concerns and the long-term impacts of COVID-19 will likely reduce global demand for hydrocarbons. However, crude-to-chemicals (C2C) projects such as Bitumen Beyond Combustion (BBC) and Blue Hydrogen (BH2) are two untapped opportunities that could have significant economic and climate benefits across many industries, some of which might surprise you.

Food 5.0: How We Feed the Future—Robert Saik, CEO of DOT Technology Corp.
Where is technology integrating with agriculture? How are farmers integrating technology? How will consumers perceive the new modes of food production? The future starts now, so we had better get a handle on it.

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