INVENTURES BEYOND - Inventures 2023



Inventures Beyond is an opportunity to be inspired and engage with what’s new in arts, culture, innovation and technology, outside of regular conference programming. Look for these and other Inventures Beyond partner activities and experiences in and around the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre.

The Power of Robotics – AC Robotics
Robotics is about more than robots. Robots are just the center around which we gather to learn, grow and build new relationships. AC Robotics has grown as a student-run charity to foster this growth of tech talent and education in Alberta while also pushing to make these opportunities more accessible for a diverse population.

Inspiring Encounters – B!G ART
Interactive and immersive works of wonder that entrance and inspire, from fire-shooting portals to code-talking cubes from another dimension. Advancements in technology have helped realize creative dreams we never thought possible, and in that spirit, B!G ART embraces the technology of yesterday, today, and tomorrow to create large-scale, tour-ready, turnkey installations and experiences.

Under the Big Top –
EJH Distribution
Explore the possibilities. From event tents, temporary structures, furniture and inflatables, to camping equipment and glamping tents. Solutions for event rental companies, tent rental companies, corporate clients, branding agencies, festivals, hotels, stadiums, resorts, campsites, hospitality groups and private clients.


Robot Performances – Total Entertainment Network
The LED robot is a versatile performer with a diverse portfolio of events. It has wowed audiences at prestigious events such as New Year’s Eve at Canada Place, K Days in Edmonton and a special performance in Montreal for Grit Capital. In addition to large public events, it has also entertained at corporate events for clients such as VanCity and The Lark Group, as well as private parties and major festivals.

Visual Storytelling – Sombilon Studios
Sombilon offers several unique, cutting-edge visual solutions as part of a suite of marketing and social media services for a diverse range of clientele. The studio has over 15 years of production experience creating content that entertains and engages audiences, capturing brand authenticity, completing projects fast, and keeping the entire process as simple as possible.

InnoTech Grows at Inventures – InnoTech Alberta
InnoTech provides solutions from “Seed to Final Product“, helping industrial and agriculture clients turn plants into useful bio-materials, feedstock for animals, or food for human consumption. The InnoTech Grows patio display features a variety of prairie crops and plants. Resident expert Dr. Jan Slaski talks about the plants and InnoTech’s expertise in plant science and biotechnology.

Augmented Reality Art Exhibit – Mandy Stobo Art
Immerse yourself in local art as Calgary artist Mandy Stobo swaps the paintbrushes and canvas for an oculus and screen leaving behind the two-dimensional world of painting for the three-dimensions of virtual reality. View her latest exhibit as part of Inventures Beyond.

Life-Enhancing Tech – Mind Alive Inc.
Check out the latest Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE), Cranio-Electro Stimulation (CES), and transcranial DC Stimulation (tDCS) products that enhance many aspects of life – health, mental functioning, sleep, mood and cognition by improving brain performance, mental health and increasing relaxation.


Advanced Robotics – Pantala Technologies
Empowering people with transformative technologies that change lives, Pantala distributes and integrates robotic platforms that are inclusive-by-design and have demonstrated impact worldwide. Solutions are designed, tested and validated by industry experts, and are solving pressing problems within global communities.