Inventures Beyond is an opportunity to be inspired and engage with what’s new in arts, culture, innovation and technology, outside of regular conference programming. From virtual reality and augmented reality activities, to art installations and local music performances, to the latest technology demonstrations, Inventures Beyond brings innovation to life in spaces beyond the conference floor.


Inventures Beyond surrounds and immerses you in the flavour and culture of Western Canada.
To embrace and appreciate the culture and economy of Alberta is to go beyond the topics of ‘Technology’ and ‘Science’ – to understand the impact that innovation has on artistic and cultural expression in the province and its important role in the diverse array of industries and sectors in Alberta.


Look for these and other Inventures Beyond partner activities and experiences in and around the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre.


Augmented Reality Art Exhibit – Stobo Art
Immerse yourself in local art as Calgary artist Mandy Stobo swaps the paintbrushes and canvas for an oculus and screen leaving behind the two-dimensional world of painting for the three-dimensions of virtual reality. View her latest exhibit as part of Inventures Beyond.


Autonomous Robotics – Pantala Technologies
Come and meet Temi at Inventures Beyond. Temi is a sophisticated, fully-autonomous robot that’s designed to eliminate social isolation, reduce operational burden and enhance customer engagement experiences. Pantala Technologies distributes robotic solutions that are demonstrating impact worldwide and have significant potential to benefit both businesses and consumers.


Radley Robots
Meet the Radley Robots. Radley provides products that allow people to have more autonomy and independence. The company started by providing connection and communication for older adults and a way for people to be virtually present using telepresence robots. The company is now exploring the creation of a new category of robotic appliances for use in the home, starting with a robotic kitchen helper that can be instructed to perform simple tasks alongside a human. We want to provide consumers with a “third hand”, just when they need one.


Morning Rejuvenation Sessions – Outbound Yoga
Get your morning stretch at Inventures Beyond with Amanda Kelly, founder and lead facilitator at Outbound Yoga, an international yoga school that certifies teachers in various styles of yoga. Get yourself out of your head and into your body!