After refinement, bitumen is mostly used as transportation fuels today, but there are many more non-combustion uses for bitumen, or what scientists and researchers call Bitumen Beyond Combustion (BBC). BBC processes convert bitumen into practical, problem-solving solid materials such as carbon fibre—a lightweight material that can be stronger than steel. It’s used primarily by the aerospace, automobile and wind energy industries, and in high-performance sports equipment, but truly, the opportunities are endless.

And what about natural gas? It’s commonly burned to generate electricity and steam and to heat our homes, but natural gas gives us other opportunities, including Blue Hydrogen (BH2). BH2 is obtained from natural gas by splitting them into hydrogen and carbon dioxide (CO2) The CO2 is sequestered. Other technologies are also being developed to decarbonize natural gas and generate BH2. Blue hydrogen is a zero-emission fuel and can be used to make many industrial materials. It can be an important contributor to a sustainable energy future.

Together, BBC and BH2 have the potential to contribute a trillion dollars to the global economy and reduce GHG emissions by hundreds of millions of tonnes annually.

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