Inventures startup pitch competition

Inventures startup Pitch Competition

Kello Inclusive, 2023 Alberta Innovates Pitch Competition Winner  of $10,000

Successful applicants will be notified by the Alberta Innovates and GLOBE Series team in mid-to-late April of 2024.  

Startup Pitch finalists will also receive free registration to all Inventures programming, access to professional coaching and mentoring opportunities, and a chance to win $10,000 in funding.


May 29 – 31, 2024


TELUS Convention Center Calgary, Canada

With the national agri-food industry valued at $144 billion and growing, Canada is ideally positioned to step up with innovative solutions for a food insecure world. This track will explore tech that meets challenges connected to agriculture, climate, supply-chains, and other digital solutions.

Overlapping developments in Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are coinciding to revolutionize industries and unlock trillions in business and market value. With the potential for groundbreaking shifts and insights into our universe previously unrealized, this track will explore tech that meets challenges at both the micro and macro scale of human existence.

There are an estimated 3 billion gamers worldwide, and these innovators are transforming even the most unexpected facets of life. From skilled trades to e-sports, and from leisure to learning, this track will explore tech that meets challenges across the virtual/remote-work landscape, augmented reality, and the metaverse.

Savvy investors are spotting trends and unicorns across supply chains earlier than ever. Led by digital and data tech, startups generated some $6 trillion globally in 2022 – but scaling successfully is key. This track will explore tech that meets challenges that are on the rise, making an impact, and identifying what is ready (or not) for capital investment.

With immunizations and preventive care adding billions to health system costs, 92% of countries world-wide saw pandemic response stalled essential health services. Data is key to unlocking better health outcomes for everyone – a fact made even clearer over the last four years as we pushed the limits of medical science and caregiving. This track will explore tech that meets challenges for the health of bodies, minds, and communities at all stages of life.

In an estimated $3-trillion global market, clean tech experts are fast tracking solutions that help to green infrastructure and the built environment. Structural systems are being transformed: from energy grids to materials, manufacturing to logistics, we have the building blocks to see potentially radical, positive change. This track will explore tech that meets challenges for smart cities, natural and renewable resources, and resiliency.

John Albright

Founding Partner
Relay Ventures

Todd Allmendinger

Director of Research and Consulting
Cleantech Group

Hari Balasubramanian

Founding Managing Partner

Cheri Corbett

Senior Partner, Climate Tech Fund
BDC – Climate Tech Fund

Maninder Dhaliwal

President & CEO
Lions Gate International

Irene Dorsman

Co-founder and General Partner, CEO
Women’s Equity Lab, Angel Forum

Joelle Foster

President and CEO
North Forge Technology Exchange

Austin Guyette

Voyager Capital

Jim Hardin

Co-founder and Managing Partner
Carrot Ventures

Brent Holliday

Founder and CEO
Garibaldi Capital Advisors

Jay Latta

Pitch Advisory Board Member

Dania Moazzam

AVP Banking

Sara Mohajerani

PM Seed Stage Investments
Blue Sky Equities

Chris Paterson

Ventures Partner
Tall Grass Ventures

Natasha Spokes

Director, Ventures
Creative Destruction Lab-Rockies

Lan Tan

Head Pitch Coach, Alberta Innovates

Shaheel Hooda

Sprout Fund VC

Simon Grigenas

500 Global

Justin Masser

SVG Thrive

Brian DonalDSON

Technology Startup Mentor

David Yiptong

Foresight CAC

Karla Petersen

Innovation, Science and
Economic Development Canada

Lorena Forster

Alberta Innovates

Christy Canida

Alchemist Accelerators

Craig Elias

Bow Valley College

David Bocking


Tiffany Linke Boyko

Flying Fish Ventures

Ian Bergman

Alchemist Accelerators

Kristina Milke

Sprout Fund VC

Allan Waine

Edmonton Unlimited

Aggie Mikulski

Tipp Consulting

Startup Pitch FAQ

How will the on-stage pitch process work?

Each finalist will be granted five minutes to pitch, followed by three minutes of Q&A with a panel of judges who have investment experience in the finalist’s space.

What are the Inventures judging criteria?

Inventures Startup Pitch Judges will focus on these five critical elements:

  • Creativity – the originality and uniqueness of the idea
  • Potential – the longevity, actualization, and profitability of the idea
  • Goodness – how does the product or service impact/improve the world?
  • Traction – sales, users, marketing exposure, etc.
  • Team / People – how will the team help the startup succeed?
What if I was not selected as an Inventures Startup Pitch Event Finalist, but would like to attend the event?

All applicants will receive a code allowing them to register for up to two (2) Inventures 2024 badges at a reduced price.

Please contact the Inventures Startup Pitch Manager, Erynn Shannon at