Technology has changed the very nature of work. Thanks to machine learning, how we interface with technology has become more organic, efficient, and, some would say, more impactful. Advances in automation have led to a host of efficiencies and reduced the need for human beings to do the most low-skilled and dangerous jobs. The evolution of these and other technologies runs parallel to the growing complexity of the global problems faced by entrepreneurs, government and academics.

While some of these problems have evolved from our socio-political landscape, others have emerged from technology itself. Thanks to data visualization techniques, augmented reality technologies, and an exponential growth in computing power, for instance, we can now ask questions we might not have thought to ask just a few years ago. We can also imagine solutions once relegated to science fiction.

Technology’s influence on the workforce accounts for the ever-growing need for skilled workers, of course, but also for tech-oriented and innovative approaches. Not surprisingly, we’re now seeing some significant educational shifts, like the addition of arts to STEM disciplines and new teaching technologies, pushing the emergence of a new agile, creative and interdisciplinary workplace.

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