The launch of Inventures Unbound is coming soon. If you were lucky enough to transfer your Inventures 2020 pass, purchase an Inventures 2021 pass or buy an Unbound-only pass, you’ll know that you have access to the exclusive live stream events on June 3 and 4 and beyond to Inventures 2021.

If you haven’t bought a pass, you can grab one here.

How Do I Access The Live Stream Content?

By now, passholders will have received a link to the Inventures Unbound live stream event portal. It was sent to the email address that you used to register for an Inventures pass.

Click that link, and you will arrive on a page that will ask you to enter the same email you used to register for your Inventures pass. Once entered, you will have access to the live stream sessions and any archived Inventures Unbound sessions.

Sessions are arranged in tracks (6 in all), and you can enter any session you wish, except for some of the extracurricular Pitch get-togethers, which are reserved for pitchers, not belly-itchers.

If you’re early to a session, you’ll be seated in a digital lobby where you’ll be entertained until the curtain goes up.

How Do I Engage?

At the bottom of your screen are multiple application engagement tools – resources, chat, Twitter, survey, Q&A – that you can use. All the engagement tools are resizable and moveable, so feel free to arrange them to get the most out of your desktop space. You can expand your slide area or maximize it to full screen by clicking on the arrows in the top right corner.

If you have any questions during the webcast, you can submit them through the Q&A engagement tool. We will try to answer these during the webcast, but if a fuller answer is needed or we run out of time it will be answered later via email. Please know we do capture all questions.

A copy of session slide decks are available in the Resource List. We encourage you to download any resources or links that you may find useful.

An On Demand version of the webcast will be available approximately 1 day after the webcast and can be accessed using the same audience link that was sent to you earlier.

Some Technology Notes

For the best viewing experience, we recommend using a wired Internet connection and closing any programs or browser sessions running in the background that could cause issues. Webinars are bandwidth-intensive, so closing any unnecessary browser tabs will help conserve your bandwidth.

The webcast is being streamed through your computer, so there is no dial-in number. For the best audio quality, please make sure your computer speakers (or headset) are turned on and the volume is up so you can hear the presenters.

Some networks cause slides to advance more slowly than others, so logging off your VPN is recommended. If your slides are behind, pushing F5 on your keyboard will refresh the page.

You can find additional answers to some common technical issues located in the Help engagement tool at the bottom of your screen.

Enjoy the sessions and be sure to engage respectfully and meaningfully in order to make this community gathering the best experience it can be. See our Code of Conduct here. If you require help logging in to the live-stream portal, click here.

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