The third annual Inventures conference, June 3-4, 2020, pivots from in-person to online during the COVID-19 pandemic. The live stream virtual program launches with two half-days and includes more than 30 speakers across six tracks.

Tali Sharot, author of The Optimism Bias and The Influential Mind will be the opening keynote speaker at the launch of Inventures Unbound. Dr. Sharot is a leading expert on decision-making and emotion and her insights have helped organizations induce behavioural change, create effective decision-making policies, and shift hard-held beliefs. Sharot’s work mixes behavioural economics, psychology and neuroscience.

“Dr. Sharot’s research is fascinating and insightful. Her keynote address will be such a great launch for Inventures as it illuminates why we humans do some of the baffling and amazing things we do, and it will give Inventures Unbound attendees an ‘optimistic’ boost to start things off with,” said Alberta Innovates CEO Laura Kilcrease.

On June 3 and 4, Startup Pitch finalists will present their innovations to a panel of expert judges live in front of a virtual audience. The 18 finalists, chosen from over 200 applicants, will compete across six categories, with the winner in each category taking home a $10,000 cash prize.

The categories and finalists of this year’s Inventures Startup Pitch Event are:

  • Innovation of Work: Moodbit,, Swae
  • Smart Cities, Vibrant Communities: Summit Nanotech, Ecoplastile,
  • Data in the Digital World: 2S Water, Ipseity Network, SensorUp
    Agriculture in the Technology Age: Air Co., Glanris, Hempact
  • The Future is AI: AutonomIQ, Rogue 7, ROYBI
  • Healthier Living, Broader Thinking: Bodiometer, Goldfinch Health, True Angle

“We’re thrilled that even in a time of global uncertainty, startups are attracted to the value of the Inventures Startup Pitch,” said Ms. Kilcrease. “We are looking forward to showcasing the best and brightest entrepreneurs as part of our virtual Inventures Unbound event.”

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