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Water Innovation Connect Series — A New Wave in Water Innovation

Alberta Innovates presents an exciting series of webinars from the researchers and entrepreneurs who are driving water innovation in the province.The Water Innovation Connect Series provides a unique opportunity for researchers, entrepreneurs and stakeholders to learn about projects that are transforming how we manage and treat water in Alberta, connect with one another and share their expertise.

Upcoming Event

Leveraging the Experience of Nature to Address Water Challenges

Nature is gifted with a large toolbox and has a long history of effective water management worldwide, yet we continue to not take full advantage of these tools and breadth of expertise. Speakers will share insights on the value of nature-based solutions and, through case studies, comment on the learnings, success and impact of leveraging nature to address water challenges.



Vic Adamowicz, Professor and Vice Dean; University of Alberta, Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences

Vic Adamowicz is the Vice Dean in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences, and a Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology, Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences, University of Alberta.

His research has focused on the economic valuation of environmental amenities and ecosystem services and the incorporation of environmental values into economic analysis – with applications to outdoor recreation, health, water quality, air quality, endangered species, forests, and agriculture. His research also involves the analysis of economic choice behavior with applications to food demand, recreation, and environmental quality.

Danah Duke, Executive Director; Miistakis Institute

Danah has been the Executive Director of the Miistakis Institute since 2001. Miistakis is a not-for-profit charitable environmental research institute affiliated with Mount Royal University. The Miistakis Institute brings people and ideas together to promote healthy communities and landscapes. Danah’s role as the ED of Miistakis puts her at the interface between academia, policy and decision-making and community conservation. Through her tenure at Miistakis, Danah has developed skills in various conservation related disciplines that include ecological connectivity, biodiversity conservation, ecosystem based climate adaptation, human wildlife coexistence and citizen science. Her experience also includes non-profit management and governance, facilitation and collaboration and community engagement. Danah holds M.Sc. in Environmental Biology and Ecology at the University of Alberta and a B.Sc. in Biology from McMaster University.


Alvin First Rider, Environmental Technician; Blood Tribe Land Management

Alvin First Rider Is a member of the Blood Tribe and a descendant of the Blackfeet nation In Montana. Alvin grew up between both reservations. Alvin Is a father of five children two boys and three girls.

Alvin has a degree In environmental science from Salish Kootenai College in Western Montana. Alvin enjoys reconnecting with Blackfoot Territory and creating relationships with the elements throughout Blackfoot Territory.

Alvin enjoys photography and videography. He also enjoys wildlife and migratory bird observation. Alvin enjoys learning Blackfoot ways of knowing and learning the Blackfoot language. He also practices Blackfoot ethnobotany.


Roy Brooke, ED; Municipal Natural Assets Initiative

Roy is the Executive Director of the Municipal Natural Assets Initiative, a national not-for profit.

His professional focus is the role of nature based solutions and natural assets in risk management, meeting net zero and biodiversity targets and delivering sustainable infrastructure services.

During the 1990s, Roy served as a political advisor to Canada’s environment minister.  He then worked for the United Nations for almost a decade.  This included the World Health Organization, United Nations Environment Programme and UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.  During his time with the UN, he was based in Geneva, Switzerland, and later in Kigali, Rwanda, where he was UNEP’s Environment Programme Coordinator.   Roy also served as Director of Sustainability for the City of Victoria between 2011-2013.


Past Events

Leading in Learning Forum

Leading in Learning

Alberta, along with every entrepreneurial jurisdiction in the world, faces the dreaded “valley of death” challenge of supporting scale-up and growth in their ecosystem. Alberta Innovates has utilized a systems roadmap strategy to address this gap that focuses on the ‘mindset’, ‘teamset’, “toolset’ and ‘impactset’ to accelerate growth at an entrepreneur ecosystem level.

Join Alberta Innovates in a Leading in Learning Forum where we and our Accelerator partners will share our real world roadmap for growth journey (which is still in progress). The Forum will cover the four pillars of our roadmap and will feature presentations, panels and masterclasses from the trenches, delivered by content experts from around the world.

The Forum is open to everyone, especially those interested in ecosystem building, including tech investors and government funders and policy makers, innovation ecosystem supporters and service providers, impact assessment professionals, post-secondary institutions and organizations that support scale-up entrepreneurs.


  • Government of Alberta
  • Prairies Economic Development Canada
  • Platform Calgary
  • 500 Global
  • Alberta Catalyzer
  • Edmonton Unlimited
  • Platform Calgary
  • Plug and Play Alberta
  • SVG Ventures/THRIVE
  • Telus CSW Accelerator powered by Alchemist X


Alberta Innovates Entrepreneurial Speaker Series

All entrepreneurs are united by a uniquely powerful drive—and harnessing it is just half the story. Join us for these engaging sessions.


Growth & Resiliency Speaker Series

The Growth & Resiliency Speaker Series is brought to you by Mount Royal University’s Growth Catalyst program in collaboration with Alberta Innovates, the province’s innovation engine. The Speaker Series is supported in part by the Government of Canada, as part of the Regional Relief and Recovery Fund.


Small Modular Nuclear Reactors Learning Series

An overview of SMRs, technology categories and applications/ What are Canada’s opportunities for building a thriving SMR supply chain? How do we have good conversations when we want to explore new energy options?


Global Opportunities in Digital Health: Network Medicine

Alberta needs to harness the power of emerging health opportunities to unlock the full potential of its health innovation capacity. The advent of emerging methods and technologies promises to create products that deliver more effective and patient-centered care. One approach is Network Medicine, a paradigm-changing discipline that uses systems biology and network science to understand disease mechanisms and therapeutic strategies from an integrated perspective. Join Alberta Innovates on February 17 and learn about the advances and opportunities in the field of Network Medicine featuring Dr. Joseph Loscalzo, a leading international authority on the subject. Dr. Loscalzo has made tremendous contributions to establishing the field of Network Medicine, which involves going from molecular level to systems level thinking connecting the biological, environmental, and social aspects of human health.


Digital Health Innovation — Reimagining Healthcare Event

Health innovation is occurring at an increasingly rapid pace – with digital health driving the future of healthcare. Healthcare providers, policy makers and consumers alike are seeking new, more effective and efficient ways to access and provide services.

Digital and data-enabled technologies are driving the development of patient-focused and personalized clinical solutions, new models of care, and an acceleration of research into innovation that forms the foundation of a more affordable, accessible, and high-quality healthcare system.



“Show Me The Money” Government Funding Workshop for SMEs