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Media Kit


The Breakthrough Innovation Event



Hosted by Alberta Innovates, Inventures is a multi-faceted innovation experience that challenges the status quo, bringing the world’s brightest minds and boldest ideas together for three extraordinary days of learning, sharing and inspiration.

Inventures is where entrepreneurs, startups and investors connect, foster new collaborations and spark deal-making opportunities. It’s the place to discover new technologies, talent, capital, customers and markets, from health tech and clean tech, to agtech and fintech.


• 3,000+ in-person and live stream attendees from 60+ countries
• 300+ speakers
• 150+panelsandsessions
• Multiple program tracks
• International keynotes
• Startup pitch events where qualifying innovators vie for cash, expert feedback and investor connections
• Student pitch competitions
• Innovation demonstrations
• Informal networking and social events
• Interactive experiences
• Cultural, arts and entertainment showcase


Inventures 2023 kicks innovation into overdrive with a range of curated program tracks leading to new insights, new perspectives and new challenges that only innovation can solve.

The Metaverse: Living virtually could generate up to $5T in value by 2030. What’s involved? Who’s setting the pace? Where’s investment flowing?

Future of Work: Work and life are blending into empowering experiences that put social entrepreneurship and conscious consumerism at the heart of sustainable local and global ventures.

Ag/Food Tech: Grow local, feed global is the new refrain as climate and geopolitics impact food security worldwide. Enter an arsenal of technologies to reshape community needs and nutritional norms.

Health Innovation: Life expectancy is increasing steadily due in part to leaps in medical science. Putting ‘healthy’ at the heart of a longer life is spurring collaboration to transform lifelong care networks.

Clean Tech: Pathways to net zero are being paved globally with a range of renewables, carbon-based and clean energy solutions.

Accelerating Growth: Going from startup to unicorn is a story best told by those in the trenches. Learning how to grasp knowledge fast is the essence of entrepreneurs and those who invest in their journey.

Computing Infinity: Fueled by artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data, quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize industries.

Building Better: 3D construction, digital twinning, advanced materials and design are combining to innovate everything physical, creating cleaner, greener, more affordable zero waste cities.


Inventures is for the entrepreneurs, thought leaders and visionaries who are reinventing a more dynamic, sustainable and diverse economy for Alberta, Canada and the world.

Inventures is a one-stop opportunity for VCs, Angels and other investors to gauge fast-growing players and discover investment gems across the entrepreneurial landscape.

Inventures provides startups and scale-ups access to investors, thought leaders and fellow entrepreneurs through keynotes, panels, pitch events and informal networking opportunities.

Industry Thought Leaders, Researchers and Academics
Inventures features multiple programming streams for discovery, sharing and deeper learning in emerging and transforming industries.

Business Development and Professional Services Advisors
Inventures showcases solutions to support the startup, scale-up and commercialization of innovative new products and services.


Michio Kaku

Michio Kaku, PhD, Henry Semat Chair in Theoretical Physics at the City University of New York (CUNY) and best-selling author, will take centre stage at Inventures on Friday June 2, 2023. He will present on what the next 30 years in computing, medicine and space travel will look like, and how these changes will affect our economy and our way of life. What if you could connect your brain directly to the internet? Could there be unlimited energy in our future? How will the transformation of the computing industry be the death of Silicon Valley? Dr. Kaku will address topics like these and many more.




Matthew Ball

Matthew BallMatthew Ball, Managing Partner of EpyllionCo, international expert on the metaverse and best-selling author, will be a featured keynote at Inventures 2023. He will cover the definition of the metaverse, explaining how it will be realized. He will reveal what it will mean for the automotive, healthcare, education industries, among many others – even sex work. Ball will address the governance and philosophies of the metaverse, the various battles and wars that will be fought over it, and how independent users, developers, and voters can shape its development.





Timnit Gebru

Timnit GebruTimnit Gebru, PhD, is the founder and executive director of The Distributed Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (DAIR) and was previously co-lead of Google’s Ethical AI team. Dr. Gebru received her PhD from Stanford University and did a postdoc at Microsoft Research, New York City in the FATE (Fairness Accountability Transparency and Ethics in AI) group, where she studied algorithmic bias and the ethical implications underlying projects aiming to gain insights from data. As a featured keynote speaker, Dr. Gebru will discuss the convergence of ethics and artificial intelligence. Should companies be allowed to use facial recognition software in their course of business? How do we safeguard our data and our privacy? What about learned or inherited bias?






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Open your eyes to unexpected possibilities. #Inventures2023 is the breakthrough innovation event that challenges convention and inspires transformational thinking. Be in Calgary, May 31-June 2 and get ready to see things in extraordinary new ways. Reserve your pass today!

Living virtually could generate up to $5T in value by 2030. What’s involved? Who’s setting the pace? Where’s investment flowing? Learn all about the potential of the Metaverse at #Inventures2023, May 31-June 2 in Calgary. Reserve your pass today!

The pathway to net zero is being paved globally with a range of renewable, carbon-based and clean energy solutions. The clean tech revolution is well underway and Alberta is at the forefront. Learn about the latest innovations at #Inventures2023. Reserve your pass today!

Reserve your #Inventures2023 all-access pass now for three days of non-stop discovery, inspiration and fun! Open your eyes to new opportunities and meet the innovation visionaries who are shaping and transforming the future! Register now!

Be inspired by the visionaries, innovators and thought leaders who are shaping and transforming the future. #Inventures2023 features multiple programming streams for discovery, sharing and deeper learning in emerging and transforming industries. Join me for three days of inspiration, May 31-June 2. Register now!

Get ready to glimpse the future at #Inventures2023. Join me and more than 3,500 fellow travelers over three days that bring entrepreneurs and startups together with venture capitalists, heavyweight investors and international thought leaders. Be there May 31-June 23. Reserve your pass now.

Join the best and brightest in Calgary for 72 hours of nonstop learning, inspiration and fun! Make connections with the startups, entrepreneurs, investors and global thought leaders who are redefining the future at #Inventures2023, Western Canada’s hottest technology and innovation conference.

Discover fresh insights across a range of topics, from ag/food tech to health innovation to clean tech, and more. #Inventures2023 features a vast array of sessions, speakers and networking opportunities over three unforgettable days. Be there, May 31-June 2.


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