2022 Pitch Event Winners - Inventures

Startup Pitch Winners Announced!

The wait is over! The pitchers have pitched and the judges have decided. Narrowed from a field of 250 applicants, 30 finalists across six pitch categories presented their ideas to investor judges from around the world. It was tough for our judges to choose, but at the end of the day, they picked the following winners:

Each of the six winners will receive a $10,000 cash prize, subject to due diligence, along with two free badges to Inventures 2023.




Pure Life Carbon Inc

Carbon negative, fully recyclable growing medium that is superior in all respects to the competition including peat moss, Rockwood and Coco Coir that are all harmful to the environment






Tech-enabled & data-driven recruiting platform that makes up for the lack of data when hiring suitable talent.






Nanostics is an Alberta-based company focused on the development and commercialization of non-invasive liquid biopsy tests. Our innovative technology can diagnose disease from blood or urine using a highly sensitive extracellular vesicle detection platform with advanced machine learning algorithms. Nanostics’ novel diagnostics platform is applicable to a wide range of cancers and other diseases.





Drishya AI Labs Inc.

Drishya AI Labs is a Deep Tech Industrial AI company in the business of AI for Digital Oil & Gas. The company is based out of Calgary, Canada and Bangalore, India. Artisan, Drishya’s Engineering Digitalisation solution, uses AI to see, read and understand piping and instrumentation diagrams and isometric drawings like an engineer does. The system analyses thousands of engineering drawings in minutes, connect them together and build a 3D model i.e. a “digital twin” of the plant literally from paper. It helps companies further their Net-Zero journey by solving the following problems for brownfield plants: create master asset inventory or master tag list; create 3D model of the plant; generate Engineering Deliverables; Digitalize management of change.





Litus Inc.

Litus is an emerging leader in the use of nanotechnology to provide groundbreaking solutions to some of the world’s biggest energy challenges. Litus was formed in Calgary, Canada in 2019, by a team of experienced scientists and engineers. The Company’s first offering is a solution that selectively extracts lithium directly from water sources using a proprietary and patent-pending nanomaterial composite. This technology enables companies to recover lithium with unmatched purity, speed and efficiency, resulting in far lower financial and environmental costs than any other known method.





SMRT1 Technologies

SMRT1 provides a subscription-based automated retail delivery solution focused on public health and wellness. The technology provides instant self-service dispensing while supporting data-driven decisions through a centralized cloud platform providing real-time oversight, interaction and transaction data.