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Student Opportunities at Inventures 2020

Inventures 2020 is proud to create new and lasting opportunities for students through its Student Track and Student Pitch programming.

Student Track

During the first two days of Inventures 2020, post-secondary students and recent graduates will come together with researchers, innovators, and members of the entrepreneurial community to learn about sales, marketing, social media and building an unstoppable business from speakers and panellists from across North America as part of the Student Track.

On June 5, aspiring and early-stage high school entrepreneurs from across Alberta will gather to learn the secrets of ideation, participate in a workshop on MVP creation and be inspired by a panel of successful entrepreneurs who got their start while they were teenagers.

Participants in the Inventures Student Track will have an opportunity to connect with and learn from panelists, speakers, fellow presenters and members of the innovation, education, and entrepreneurship ecosystems who are passionate about helping student entrepreneurs reach their full potential.

Student Pitch Competition

At the Student Pitch Competition, 15 promising student startups will compete, vying to be crowned one of the three most promising student startups. As well, the 15 startups chosen to compete in the pitch competition will be provided space to showcase their business idea and gain valuable exposure among industry movers and shakers, investors and fellow innovators at the Trade Show Base Camp.

Through experiential learning, participants will acquire the toolset, skillset, mindset and networks necessary to identify hidden opportunities and commercialize new ideas so they build and grow more sustainable ventures.

Who Is Eligible?

Student entrepreneurs with the potential to build a company that could have a lasting impact on the economy and society.

The Inventures Student Entrepreneur Track is an opportunity to learn and showcase your entrepreneurial skills and the Student Startup Competition is an opportunity to pitch your product or service to esteemed judges and an audience of like-minded individuals.

Benefits of Participation

This is your opportunity to learn what it takes to turn an idea into a business, potentially showcase your business venture in a pitch competition, and network with advisors, mentors, venture capitalists, angel investors, entrepreneurs, early adopters, business educators, and service providers who can help you take your idea to the next level.

This is your opportunity to pitch in front of the world.

How to Apply

The deadline to apply is April 19, 2020

Student Startup Pitch Criteria:

  • Current students and recent graduates of a post-secondary institution who will have launched their product or service no more than 24 months prior to the June 3, 2020 event date
  • The company has not raised more than $1 million in funding for the product or service
  • Companies may only enter one product or service into the Inventures Startup Pitch Competition
  • Product or Service must fall into one of the Inventures Student Startup Pitch Competition Categories
  • Team members must own at least 50% the company

June 3-5, 2020
Telus Convention Centre
120 9 Ave SE, Calgary
Calgary, AB

Apply to Pitch

Student Schedule (tentative)*

Draft student schedule

*Student tickets apply to Student Track Programming on June 3 and 4. Students can access the full Inventures programming on June 5.

**The top two ideas from each of the three qualifying pitch competitions will proceed to the final pitch competition where they will present to a group of early-stage investors.

The top three pitches selected in the final pitch competition will participate in the Student Entrepreneurs Showcase at the Main Stage event on Friday, June 5, 2020.

Student tickets are only $99 until February 29, 2020. (Also consider group rates.)

FAQs for Student Startup Pitch Competition

Is there a fee to apply for the INVENTURE$ Student Startup Pitch Competition?There is no fee to apply.

What are the key judging criteria?

  • Problem – How clearly defined is the problem being solved and how big a problem is it?
  • Solution – Is the solution easy to use and how well does it get the job done?
  • Differentiation – What makes this solution unique and how is the business defensible?
  • Business Model – How does the company make money?
  • Potential – What is the growth potential and likelihood of profitability?
  • Scalability – How will the business acquire customers?
  • Market Validation – What proof do have that people want the solution?
  • Team/People – What experience does the team have, and what proof do you have that they can make the product or service a success?

How will the on-stage pitch process work? Student Entrepreneurs will each have four minutes to pitch, followed by three minutes of Q&A with the judges.

How many contestants will be selected? Up to fifteen (15) student entrepreneurs will be selected to pitch at the Inventures Student Startup Pitch Competition.

What is the deadline to apply? You have until 11:59 Eastern on Sunday April 19th to apply online.

Will I receive a registration to the Inventures event if I am selected to pitch? Yes, student startups chosen to pitch will receive up to two complimentary registrations for the Inventures event. The complimentary registrations must be assigned to specific team members presenting at the conference.

What are the startup eligibility requirements for students pitching?

  • Current students and recent graduates of a post-secondary institution will have launched their product or service within 24 months of the June 3, 2020 event date
  • A company has not raised more than $1 million in funding for the product or service
  • Companies may only enter one product or service into the Inventures Startup Pitch Competition
  • Product or Service must fall into one of the Inventures Student Startup Pitch Competition Categories
  • Team members must own at least 50% of the company

What are the categories for the competition? To be eligible for the Inventures Student Startup Pitch Competition, products or services must fall within one of the following categories:

Innovation of Work

Adaptation at the pace of innovation is deepening human to humanoid interaction through automation and machine learning.

Agriculture in the Technology Age

Advancements in genomics and real time sensor data, combined with the far-reaching zero waste movement, is driving a wholesale redesign of food production and processing systems.

The Future is AI

Combined with machine learning, AI is creating new predictive capabilities, solving industry challenges and enabling breakthroughs in drug research, bio-industrial materials and more.

Healthier Living, Broader Thinking

Sensor technology, predictive data models, advanced algorithms and robotics are at the heart of the transformation in how health care is designed, delivered and received.

Smart Cities, Vibrant Communities

Climate-resilient, resource-efficient communities are emerging on a foundation of smart electricity grids, regenerative utility systems, 3-D construction technologies and sustainable materials.

Data in the Digital World

There are an estimated 20 billion active IoT devices in use. This is driving monumental leaps in blockchain, quantum computing, fintech and an augmented analytics market.

What if I am not selected as a Inventures Student Startup Pitch Competition participant but would still like to attend the event? Students can purchase tickets to the event for $99 and up, until June 2nd.

How will I know if I have been selected to compete? By May 4, 2020 all applicants will be sent an email notifying them if they have been selected to compete.

Should my company create a video about our product or service for the online application process? The submission form requires you to provide a link to a YouTube video about your product / service. Videos must be a minimum of two minutes long and a maximum of three minutes.

Questions? Contact Craig Elias