Recommend Speakers and Sessions - Inventures 2023

Recommend Speakers and Sessions

We invite you to complete the Speaker and Session Recommendation Form with your ideas and recommendations for programming at Inventures 2023. As we continue to build out our programming, we will review and consider all recommendations.

Deadline: March 28, 2023

Tips for Speaker Recommendations:

  • Make sure you have a connection to your speaker and that they would be interested in speaking at Inventures.
  • Consider a speaker’s background, experiences, and subject matter expertise as these are key factors that contribute to thought leadership on a specific subject and will be considered for recommendations.
  • Make sure you keep in mind the importance of diversity of perspectives when proposing ideas (this includes gender, ethnicity, employment, location, thought, and opinion).

Tips for Session Recommendations:

  • Emphasize depth and focus within a specific industry issue. Our attendees want advanced knowledge, not general surface-level information that’s trying to cover too much.
  • Make sure your subject matter is timely for the industry, future-focused, and relevant to current dialogues.
  • Give us your perspective on why you think this topic is important to your industry and why it will matter to other individuals.

Our recommendation system is now open and can be found by clicking the button below:

Speaker and Session Recommendation Form