Alex Hertel - Inventures 2023

Alex Hertel


, Intuit

Alex Hertel is an inventor and entrepreneur who completed his Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Toronto and is an expert in no-code languages as well as the use of immersive technologies to make the physical world digitally interactive. He and his brother Philipp previously co-founded Walleto which was acquired by Google and became Google Wallet. Next they were the co-founders of Xperiel, where Alex was CEO and helped to create the world’s most user-friendly programming language called ‘Pebbles’ with the goal of democratizing AR and IoT programming to push the Internet out into the physical world.Xperiel’s team joined Intuit where Alex is currently a director/distinguished engineer.



  • What is the Metaverse and why is it struggling to be born? – June 01, 1pm