Angela Lim - Inventures 2023

Angela Lim


, Clearhead

Dr. Angela Lim is CEO and co-founder of Clearhead. Clearhead is an innovative workplace wellbeing EAP provider that takes a holistic and proactive approach to wellbeing that ensures personalised mental health care is accessible to everyone. Trained as a Paediatric doctor and having completed research at the Harvard School of Public Health. Angela’s passion for tackling inequality led her to believe that technology has the best potential to drastically improve health outcomes and empower patients. Having sat on more than 15 Boards, she understands the importance of good governance and the importance of managing Health and Safety risks effectively. That is why Clearhead’s unique value proposition focuses on supporting businesses to understand their employees better through employee wellbeing data insights to drive systemic culture change.


  • Liveable Cities – HealthTech Solutions for Promoting Urban Wellness – May 31, 1:45 pm