Bina Kamath - Inventures 2023

Bina Kamath

CEO & Founder

, Orion's Reach

Bina Kamath is Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition with Federated Co-operatives Limited. Her 20+ years of experience and knowledge in HR has been instrumental in designing and formulating mentorship programs for many non-profits. She conceptualized and created Orion’s Reach, an organization based on an inclusive mentorship model accepting all individuals for an all-encompassing mentoring program. Bina’s philanthropic efforts have been directed to empowering, influencing and energizing women and her mantra is “be bold, be the voice and the change you want to see”. She was recognized with the top mentor award for 2019-2020 from CCIS, as well as by the Women in Leadership Foundation for her outstanding contribution and dedication. As a board member, she has participated in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) virtual think tanks with UN Women and the International Performance Institute of Canada.