Bobbie Racette - Inventures 2023

Bobbie Racette


, Virtual Gurus

Bobbie Racette is a visionary entrepreneur who has made a tremendous impact. As Founder and CEO of Virtual Gurus and askBetty, she has built a reputation as a trailblazer who is committed to creating an equitable future for all. Driven by her unwavering mission, Bobbie has dedicated herself to empowering individuals from historically underrepresented communities and providing them with the opportunities, tools and resources they need to build successful careers. For Bobbie, this mission is deeply personal. As an Indigenous woman, she knows firsthand the challenges that traditionally marginalized communities face in the workplace. She’s seen how systemic barriers can prevent talented individuals from achieving their full potential, and she’s determined to change that. Under Bobbie’s leadership, Virtual Gurus has become one of the fastest-growing virtual assistant companies in North America, powered by innovative tech that harnesses the power of machine learning.


  • From Start to Scale: Building Canada’s Largest Freelance Platform – June 02, 11:15 am