Crystal Phillips - Inventures 2023

Crystal Phillips

VP, Thin Air Labs Fund I

, Thin Air Labs

Entrepreneur and former elite athlete Crystal Phillips is Co-founder of Branch Out Neurological Foundation and Vice President of Thin Air Labs Fund I. Crystal has a range of experience that provides unique insight into investing in the healthcare space for significant human impact and outsized returns on investment. She has a nation-wide network of public, private, governmental and charitable leaders. Her experience, network and competitive spirit allow her to bring solutions to ventures that accelerate their growth. As Co-founder of Branch Out Neurological Foundation she and her team have raised over $4M for neurological research in universities across Canada.


  • Advisor, Coach or Mentor: Who Will Take You to the Next Level? – May 31, 2:45 pm
  • How Scientific Validation Should be Incorporated into Due Diligence – June 01, 2:45 pm
  • Startup Pitch Event – Computing Infinity – June 02, 9:15 am