Domhnaill Hernon - Inventures 2023

Domhnaill Hernon

Global Lead EY Metaverse Lab

, EY

Domhnaill Hernon is an award-winning technology and innovation executive, advising innovation and cultural programs globally. He has an undergrad degree in Aeronautical Engineering and a PhD in Aerodynamics from the University of Limerick and an executive MBA from Dublin City University, Ireland. He currently holds two positions as Global Lead and co-founder of the Cognitive Human Enterprise and the EY Metaverse Lab, focused on pioneering new approaches placing Humans@Center between business, technology and society. Prior to that, Domhnaill was at Nokia Bell Labs where he founded a new initiative to fuse art and engineering/science to develop solutions that humanize technology. Domhnaill’s work has been featured in Wired Magazine, Forbes, Times Square, SXSW, Nasdaq, MWC, Ars Electronica, TEDx, Inspirefest, to name a few.



  • Media & Entertainment in the Metaverse – June 01, 10am