Don Bora - Inventures 2023

Don Bora


, Eight Bit Studios

A recognized business and technology leader, Don Bora has been a professional software developer in Chicago since 1990. He has worked in a wide range of industries including bio-informatics, medical devices, artificial intelligence and global investment banking, to name a few. Don also teaches and mentors, and is a an Expert in Residence at 1871, Chicago’s premier tech incubator. Don has started 8 companies, service-based and SAAS, through a variety of verticals. In 2011, he cofounded a non-profit with the goal of placing high school girls in tech internships throughout the city. Don has been an outspoken advocate for women and girls in tech, seeking to bridge the technology gap by exposing the fun and creative side of programming. He frequently mentors both high school and college students who display an interest in technology and coding. Don is a cofounder and partner at Eight Bit Studios, an award winning and industry leading web and mobile application firm in Chicago.


  • Utilizing AI in Your Startup – June 02, 9:15 am