Dr. Brent Hogarth - Inventures 2023

Dr. Brent Hogarth

Registered Psychologist & Executive Coach

Dr. Brent Hogarth is a Clinical Psychologist and Executive coach. He provides neuroscience-based consulting to treat burnout, and create high-flow workplaces, which are optimized for increased productivity, learning and collaboration. Coach Hogarth trains leaders to take on the identity and practices of being a “Corporate” or “Executive Athlete.” The ultimate goal? Achieving the coveted Flow state of consciousness. Research by McKinsey suggests executives may be 500% more productive when in flow, resulting in more time, space and freedom for personal lives. That’s the High Flow Advantage that Dr. Hogarth supports executives and their teams to achieve. Put simply, Dr. Hogarth teaches how to enter flow by having your nervous system work for you, not against you.


  • Becoming a High Performance Leader: How to Stay Ahead In An Unpredictable World and Not Burn Out – June 01, 2:45 pm