Dr. Ron Markowski - Inventures 2023

Dr. Ron Markowski


, NAIT School of Business

Dr. Ron Markowski is an award-winning entrepreneur, author and international keynote speaker. Ron has worked extensively with public and private sector organizations, and has helped entities ranging from startups to large multinationals. In addition, his extensive research has demystified Critical Thinking into a simple four-quadrant model that can be easily understood and quickly applied by individuals, teams and organizations alike. This model has proven to be particularly effective in data-driven environments that require diagnostic and analytical thinking to quickly identify and respond to emerging threats or opportunities. Currently, Ron is both the course coordinator and instructor of Critical Thinking, for the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology School of Business. He also volunteers his time to help non-profit organizations and small businesses apply Critical Thinking to improve their decision-making process.


  • Critical Thinking to Mitigate Risk in a Chaotic Information Economy – May 31, 10:15 am