Dr. Tarek Adra - Inventures 2023

Dr. Tarek Adra

Founding Director

, mvmt ventures

Dr. Tarek Adra is the founding director of mvmt ventures (move.ment ven.tures) an empathy fund & a venture studio dedicated to developing accessible technologies for people with disabilities.Dr. Adra is a passionate advocate for innovations in healing and pain relief. His career began as a Doctor of Pharmacy, where he discovered the incredible limitations of traditional western medicine – particularly when it came to treating chronic pain conditions. One of Dr. Adra’s most notable career achievements is the development of a unique system of pain relief protocols, based on precision-level injury classification, called Kinetimethod. Designed to deliver exceptional results, the program has helped patients make outstanding progress with new and exciting methods. Dr. Adra is a professional who has treated Olympic champions, professional athletes, and celebrities alike, as well as an educator and sought-after lecturer and trusted thought leader in his field.


  • Flex Point: Disabilities Investments Go Mainstream – June 02, 10:15 am