Eli Gould - Inventures 2023

Eli Gould

Offsite Wood Product Founder/Manager (for QWEB and BCWood)


Eli Gould graduated with one of the first dual Architecture/Forestry degrees from Yale in the early 90s, with a conviction that the two fields would eventually be more linked. Thirty years later, this idea has become more mainstream, and although Eli’s companies were known for high-profile construction in the northeastern US, his Vermont consultancy STIX, L3C has worked in quiet service to the automated timber manufacturing community in Canada for more than 15 years. For the past five years, STIX has been the US market development consultant for QWEB, the Quebec Wood Export Bureau. A national nonprofit software project lead for three years has brought him west, adding all Canadian timber construction systems to a free Revit plug-in and BIM toolkit called Offsite Wood.


  • Innovation to Help the Construction Industry Build More Sustainably – June 01, 1:45 pm