Elizabeth Strickler - Inventures 2023

Elizabeth Strickler

Director, Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation

, Georgia State University

Elizabeth Strickler is the Director of Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Creative Media Industries Institute at Georgia State University. She teaches media innovation to undergraduate and graduate students and works with major labels and cultural icons to build web3, blockchain, and virtual production strategies. Her April 2021 TEDx talk is considered canonical viewing for those entering the nft/metaverse space and she presents regularly on the topic. She holds academic positions in both the Business School and the College of Arts and Sciences, where she has received multiple grants to research innovation and XR in higher education. Her goal is to help others start businesses, tell immersive stories, and build a stronger cultural economy. She believes most people can learn most things and have fun while doing so. Her eclectic interests can be seen in her academic credentials, holding a BA in Philosophy, BS in Computer Science, and an MFA in Digital Filmmaking and Art.



  • Media & Entertainment in the Metaverse – June 01, 10am