Greg Caldwell - Inventures 2023

Greg Caldwell

Director, Utility Hydrogen Strategy and Decarbonization

, ATCO Gas

Greg Caldwell is Director, Utility Hydrogen Strategy & Decarbonization, for ATCO Gas, where he brings a unique skillset to understand and analyze the challenges of the energy transition. He leads a dedicated team and guides the company’s efforts towards policy change, investment decisions and the support/trialing of promising hydrogen and decarbonization initiatives. As a petroleum engineer, Mr. Caldwell has an in-depth knowledge of the industry’s mechanics today, as well as the hurdles that must be overcome for a successful energy shift. With his CPA designation, he also brings extensive knowledge of the associated financial considerations, and works with multiple levels of government to ensure that Canadians have access to safe, reliable and affordable lower-carbon energy for the long term. Not surprisingly, he also has a passion for technology and innovation, and frequently interacts with industry and companies that are pursuing promising ideas and projects.



  • Removing Barriers Towards a Hydrogen Economy – June 01, 2:45 pm