Jay Latta - Inventures 2023

Jay Latta

Chief Dreamer


Jay Latta is a technology visionary with over 35 years of experience in the industry, and on stage. He is the creator of CrossInnovation, used by industries around the world, teaching Multiperspectivity and Ecosystemic Thinking and exploring emerging technology and trends from different perspectives. His TechThinkTank ‘STINT – Strategic Intelligence for New Technologies’ is focused on humanitarian purposes, scientific reseach and advanced ideas, which bring benefits to mankind. With ‘The Fusionists’, Jay has set up an entity for impact investment, particularly in the Middle East and Africa. Jay develops open innovation networks such as PANAFRIN or EERIC, and builds partnerships to promote ideas and technologies that add value to all of us.


  • Startup Pitch Event – Computing Infinity – June 02, 9:15 am