Jefferson Roc - Inventures 2023

Jefferson Roc

Jefferson Roc, a dynamic entrepreneur and advocate for mental health, was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and later immigrated to Canada. Raised in Montreal, he initially pursued an accounting education, but his natural inclination towards entrepreneurship led him down a different path. With a strong foundation in sales and business, gained from running a successful distribution company, Jefferson’s career has spanned 15 years of exceptional enterprise sales achievements.

Throughout his professional journey, Jefferson has consistently been acknowledged and honored with overachievement awards, showcasing his ability to combine his deep understanding of customer needs with a sales-focused approach. He possesses a unique blend of tribal knowledge and strategic methodologies, enabling him to generate exceptional customer value and consistently achieve business objectives.
Driven by his personal experiences with mental health challenges, Jefferson founded his latest venture, EIMHE. Inspired by cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, EIMHE is revolutionizing the concept of wellness by providing a peer support solution that transcends conventional boundaries. The ground-breaking nature of EIMHE has garnered recognition and support from numerous mental health stakeholders, positioning it to become a leading force in corporate wellness.
Alongside his work on EIMHE, Jefferson serves as the Director for Partnerships and Alliances at Groupe3737, Canada’s largest Startup incubator dedicated to fostering ethnocultural diversity. Additionally, he has taken on the role of Startup Mentor for both the BIPOC Foundation and the Alchemist X, actively addressing the funding gap that disproportionately affects underrepresented groups. Jefferson’s unwavering commitment to creating contagious success reflects his belief in the power of passion, purpose, and profit. His multifaceted endeavors, he strives to make a lasting impact by driving innovation, supporting diversity, and promoting holistic well-being in both the corporate and Startup sectors.


  • Mental Health, Now and Tomorrow – June 02, 9:15 am