Jeremy Jensen - Inventures 2023

Jeremy Jensen


, Jeremy Jensen, LLC

Jeremy Jensen is an entrepreneur, speaker and mountain sports athlete. He is passionate about helping people lead authentic and intentional lives, rich with experiences that make them feel alive! His interests lie at the intersection of flow science, optimal performance, lifestyle design and action/adventure sports. He is a certified flow states lecturer/coach, and has studied under many of the world’s foremost thought leaders in human performance, positive psychology and altered-states. Jeremy runs a weekly newsletter and community on peak performance, and is also founder of Crux Academy and co-founder of Outwild. When he’s not advising or building products, he’s focused on being a badass husband and girl dad, learning and sharing everything he can, and perpetually chasing flow states.


  • Discovering Flow: Boosting Your Performance with Increased Productivity, Creativity, and Motivation – June 02, 11am