Jessica Scott - Inventures 2023

Jessica Scott

Associate Vice President, Online & Continuing Education

, University of Alberta

Jessica Butts Scott is the inaugural AVP of the University of Alberta’s Online and Continuing Education Division. This division is leading the online learning strategy at the UofA and is focused on collaborating with colleges across the university to enable growth through online modality with purpose-built online programming. Jessica is also leading the UofA’s newly formed Continuing Education division which was established in June 2022. Previously, Jessica was the Director and Founder of award-winning PowerED™(power-ed) by Athabasca University, an entrepreneurial unit providing online, on-demand learning enriched with media, interactive learning objects, 3D simulations and immersive AI. Jessica has held progressive strategic leadership roles in both the private and public sectors and is earning her Doctorate in Distance & Digital Education from AU. Jessica is passionate about women having access to and achieving success in education, enabling independence and self-reliance.



  • Opportunities in the Education Metaverse – June 01, 2:45 pm