Jyoti Gondek - Inventures 2023

Jyoti Gondek

Mayor, City of Calgary

, City of Calgary

Jyoti Gondek was sworn in as Calgary’s 37th mayor and the first woman to be elected to this role on October 25, 2021.Prior to being elected as mayor, she served as city councillor for Ward 3 from 2017 to 2021. She holds a Ph.D. in urban sociology, and an M.A. in organizational sociology.Throughout her career, Mayor Gondek has taken a big picture approach to pressing challenges. Often, she has found processes and policies exist simply because they have never been questioned. She has come to understand that by probing and chipping away at issues, we move forward with improvements that have meaning in our everyday lives.Throughout her career, Mayor Gondek has been known to be a driven community builder and diversity champion who understands the power of cross-sector partnerships where business, social organizations, and educational institutions are connected to local governments to better serve the people. She is honoured to serve Calgarians as Mayor.


  • Mayor’s Driving Innovation – June 02, 11:15 am