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Kylie Woods

Founder & Executive Director

, Chic Geek

Kylie Woods is the founder of Chic Geek, a non-profit committed to building gender diversity in technology. Through its Career Pathing initiative, Chic Geek helps intermediate women in technology achieve greater career visibility and invest in their strategic professional networks. An avid-learner and tenacious question-asker, Kylie believes work should be something that challenges and excites you. As a mom of twin girls, she’s committed to the intentional design of work and life. Kylie’s passion lies in technology, women’s rights and creating spaces where everyone feels they belong. In support of this, Kylie sits on the advisory committee for the Chiu School of Business Dean’s Strategic Advisory Committee at Bow Valley College, The51 Community Council, the Calgary Innovation Coalition Board and the Women’s Economic Recovery Advisory Committee with the Status of Women.