Lili Liu - Inventures 2023

Lili Liu

Professor and Dean

, University of Waterloo

Lili Liu earned a BSc in Occupational Therapy and an MSc and PhD in Rehabilitation Science, all from McGill University. She was a faculty member at the University of Alberta where she also served as chair of the Dept. of Occupational Therapy in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine. She joined the University of Waterloo in 2019 where she is professor in the School of Public Health Sciences, and dean of the Faculty of Health. Her research focuses on technology adoption among seniors, their care partners and health service providers, including health care aides and rehabilitation professionals. Lili collaborates with industry to examine factors that influence acceptance and adoption of mobile apps and is currently conducting a national initiative on the mitigation of risks of going missing in persons living with dementia. She co-authored the book, ‘Autonomy and Independence – Aging in an Era of Technology’ published by Springer in 2022.


  • Creating New Value For Healthy Aging and Quality of Life For Older Adults – June 01, 1:45 pm