Lillah Penddah - Inventures 2023

Lillah Penddah

Inventures 2023 Emcee

, Founder and CEO - AFRO FACTS

Lillah Penddah is founder and CEO of AFRO FACTS, a teaching tool that uses a collaborative approach to increase awareness of Black History and educate individuals about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). As a facilitator and public speaker, Lillah is committed to changing the world by creating safe spaces for facilitating conversations about race, systemic racism and unconscious biases. She assists people with building their confidence and feeling empowered to have DEI conversations respectfully by providing the tools needed to remove the discomfort they feel and de-escalate heightened emotions with respect to uncomfortable conversations. Lillah’s true joy comes from connecting with others through shared layered conversation that allows people to increase their awareness of DEI and observe the evidence of their commonalities rather than their differences.