Lori Adams - Inventures 2023

Lori Adams

Senior Manager, Industry and Global Partnerships at Alberta Innovates

, Alberta Innovates

Lori is an accomplished professional in the software and data industry. She began commercializing data analytics in the days of Web 2.0 right through to Web 3.0. Lori has worked in the startup world, including her own startup, which she successfully exited.

Lori’s unique background has given her a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities startups face. Since joining Alberta Innovates, she has shared her experiences and hard-found wisdom with many startups.

Lori’s success comes from the strength of strategic thinking, curiosity, fostering creativity, and developing strong collaborative teams. She uses her enthusiasm and ability to form powerful strategic partnerships to help support others in the ecosystem as they pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors.


  • Industry & Global Partnerships – Growing your business with a Strategic Partner(s) – June 01, 1:45 pm