Margo Purcell - Inventures 2023

Margo Purcell

CEO & Co-Founder

, InceptionU

Margo Purcell is a compassionate and thoughtful leader who helps people put their egos aside and embrace what they don’t know… yet. A career in the insurance industry, raising her two boys and launching her own career and leadership consulting company led Margo to her current role as founder and CEO of InceptionU. With her warm, open and empathetic style, Margo inspires people to choose curiosity, instead of fear and self doubt, and embrace their childlike curiosity to discover their true potential and find meaningful careers. As a Co-founder and CEO of InceptionU, Margo works with learners, industry and government partners to develop accessible programs to help people transition into tech careers. She also coaches leaders, founders and senior managers to think differently about how they approach innovation through problem setting and designing meaningful solutions.


  • How Not to Destroy the Future and Manufacture Godzillas – June 02, 11:15 am