Megan Wickens - Inventures 2023

Megan Wickens

Vice President, Client Solutions

, Adecco Canada

Megan Wickens is an experienced leader in talent development, with 15 years of creating solutions for organizations around the world. She joined Adecco Canada, a global staffing leader, in 2012 and since then, has been developing strategic and complex talent programs. As Vice President of Client Solutions, Megan is passionate about people and demonstrates this passion through her devotion to forging meaningful connections. From successfully standing up new lines of business to developing optimized people programs for clients, Megan has proven herself as a visionary leader who dreams big and values creativity and innovation. Megan prioritizes mentorship opportunities and understands that investing in team members’ growth helps everyone achieve collective success. Consequently, she takes responsibility for mentoring others and encouraging them to reach their full potential. Through these actions, Megan serves as a powerful example of how effective mentorship programs can be.



  • Beating the Odds by Leveraging Mentors II – June 01, 2:45 pm