Mohamad Yaghi - Inventures 2023

Mohamad Yaghi

Agriculture & Climate Policy Lead


Mohamad Yaghi is RBC’s Agriculture and Climate Policy Lead in the company’s Economics & Thought Leadership team. With over a decade of experience in the agriculture and agri-food industry, Mohamad is shaping RBC’s research and engagement in the sector to inform and inspire transition pathways across the economy and to push Canada to become the world’s sustainable breadbasket. Before joining RBC, Mohamad led the successful market development of an international agriculture service provider in Canada and US, founded and led an AgTech startup, Rakr Inc., that closely worked with livestock farmers across North America and Southeast Asia to promote energy efficient farming practices, and worked in the thought leadership groups at KPMG Lighthouse and GE Canada to propel innovation across Canada.



  • The Next Green Revolution – June 01, 10:15 am