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Monica Martinez


, Don Bugito Prehispanic Snackeria LLC

Monica Martinez is an educator and entrepreneur. In 2011 she founded Don Bugito, one of North America’s first edible insect companies. In 2013, her work with Don Bugito was published by the FAO UN on the “Future Prospects for Food and Feed Security Edible Insect Report.” In 2014, Don Bugito launched a line of edible insect snacks and by 2017, the company opened its urban farm operations in the Bay Area, CA. Martinez has advocated for edible insects and has developed and taught educational workshops as she believes education is a powerful tool to support and promote a more sustainable future. Her work has been reviewed by Nova PBS, PRI’s The World and the New York Times, among others.



  • Exploring Opportunities and Challenges in the Insect Agriculture Movement in North America – June 02, 11:15 am