Neil Smith - Inventures 2023

Neil Smith

VP of Operations

, Carbon Asset Solutions

Neil Smith’s fervor for agriculture is anchored in the recognition that it constitutes a multifaceted, interwoven system of systems, each vital to overall functionality. The interdependence of these systems – including soil health, microbial ecosystems, energy and human activity – has impelled him to delve into a profound understanding of the intricate equilibrium within agriculture, and to devise sustainable solutions that preserve and reinforce this harmony. Neil has been privileged to work with and learn from eminent scientists, policymakers and practitioners in carbon sequestration and regenerative agriculture domains. These priceless exchanges have deepened his comprehension of the intricate challenges confronting agriculture today and have galvanized him to disseminate this knowledge. Neil aspires to stimulate a more extensive discourse on soil health, sustainable agriculture, carbon farming and the myriad ways we can collaborate to effect positive change.



  • Money in the Soil: Carbon Quantification and Credits – May 31, 1:45 pm