Olaf Tomiuk - Inventures 2023

Olaf Tomiuk

Director, Analytics & Commercial Operations

, ENMAX Energy Corporation

Olaf Tomiuk has worked in the utilities industry for 14 years and is currently Director of Analytics and Commercial Operations for ENMAX Energy. With a strong background in business, finance and technology, Olaf combines strategic vision, technical acumen and business acuity to help guide his organization towards harnessing the power of AI for competitive advantage. With an MBA in Finance, an MSc in Data Science, and a Chartered Professional Accountant designation, Olaf brings a unique blend of financial acumen and technical prowess to his work. He possesses a deep understanding of the evolving AI landscape and its implications for businesses across various sectors. Olaf’s passion for technology extends beyond his professional endeavors and is committed to lifelong learning. His ability to bridge the gap between technology and business makes him a valuable asset to teams looking to expand their AI capabilities.


  • Exploring the Era of Artificial Intelligence – May 31, 2:45 pm