Pavitra Krishnamani - Inventures 2023

Pavitra Krishnamani


, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Dr. Pavitra P. Krishnamani is an emergency physician-scientist who is excited about revolutionizing how we deliver healthcare for our patients. With advanced training in healthcare innovation, Pavitra has spearheaded efforts to marry process innovation with medicine through her projects exploring the role of digital health and alternative care delivery models in patient health. She also co-invented an innovative and immersive virtual simulator meant to train healthcare providers to manage acute cardiac events safely. Pavitra’s experiences infusing digital health solutions into healthcare delivery and researching innovations that help patients access hospital-level resources for a fraction of the cost have convinced her that quality, cost, and patient experience can all be enhanced with the right interventions. She is working to build a future in which all patients can receive safe, experienced, comfortable, and cost-efficient care for even the most complicated of medical conditions.


  • Home is Where the Health Is: How Digital Innovation is Decentralizing Healthcare – May 31, 1pm