Randy Thompson - Inventures 2023

Randy Thompson

Chairman & CEO

, Valhalla Private Capital

Mr. Thompson has been active in the startup venture space for over 25 years as a builder of companies, angel investor, angel group leader and fund manager. In 2017, Mr. Thompson integrated all these roles into Valhalla Private Capital. In his capacity as Chairman and CEO of Valhalla Private Capital and Managing Partner of Old Kent Road Financial, Mr. Thompson has personally invested in 110 startup companies and funds. Mr. Thompson oversees direct investing for 125 angel members and five funds under management for a total of over $225M in deployed capital. Valhalla Angels has led its 125+ members to collectively fund over 250 companies for over $70M since 2003. While most of these investments are in Canada, several, including the funds, have been placed globally in eight additional countries to date. For these efforts, Mr. Thompson was named the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) 2018 Canadian Angel of the Year.


  • Investing Angel’s- What they do and how they do it – June 01, 3:45 pm