Scott Ford - Inventures 2023

Scott Ford

Cofounder & Partner

, 9Zero Ventures

Scott is the co-founder and partner of 9Zero Ventures, an early-stage venture firm, focused on solving the climate crisis through a unique economic redistribution model. We believe the complexity of climate change requires a new approach to investing and developing interconnected networks to drive innovation. 9Zero Ventures succeeds by rewarding our mentors, experts, and most importantly founders by distributing 50% of our own equity to solve the world’s biggest climate challenges.Prior to 9Zero Ventures, Scott was the COO of Techstars, where their mentorship-driven accelerator footprint expanded to 50+ annual programs in 30 cities across 13 countries across four continents under his leadership. Annually deploying over $50M in investment capital across 450+ early-stage companies, the Techstars portfolio grew from <$10B to over $160B during Scott’s tenure.



  • Startup Pitch Event: Clean Tech – June 01, 3pm