Shawn Abbott - Inventures 2023

Shawn Abbott


, Inovia Capital

Shawn Abbott co-founded Inovia Capital in 2007. He is passionate about coaching entrepreneurs through their personal journey and is actively involved in developing effective governance across the Inovia portfolio and community. Shawn provides insights and best practices earned through decades of experience running his own companies and dozens of board appointments. Currently, he serves as a director on boards including Certn, Top Hat and Bench. Shawn is also a champion for good governance, including speaking regularly and supporting the ICD/CVCA Private Capital Governance Program. Prior to Inovia, he was a pioneer in internet security as CTO, then President, of Rainbow Technologies. He built and sold the AND Group, the encryption-based eCom platform that powered an entire generation of digital sales, and was instrumental in launching CD-ROMs. As an inventor, he holds the first patent for the USB key, and multiple patents in online banking and biometric security.


  • Advisor, Coach or Mentor: Who Will Take You to the Next Level? – May 31, 2:45 pm
  • Our maturing ecosystem’s opportunity: startups to scale-ups to global leaders, from right here in Alberta. What’s stopping us from going all the way? – June 02, 9:15 am