Steven Lee - Inventures 2023

Steven Lee

Head of Optical Product

, Zenni Optical

Steven Lee, OD, MBA is an entrepreneur with a medical and engineering background. Most recently, he served as CEO of Vision Pros, Inc, an e-commerce company selling glasses and contact lenses. Among his entrepreneurial efforts, Dr. Lee has founded or co-founded Safer Eyecare, a non-profit organization to help bring more people back into clinics using equipment shields; Eyesight Mobile, which is developing a VR vision testing system; and Visibly, the online vision testing company for which he also served as Chief Science Officer from 2012-2019. Dr. Lee has over 15 patents granted, with an additional 15 pending on the concepts of online vision testing. He is a partner in Nexgen Venture Partners, which is focused on early-stage companies.


  • Utilizing AI in Your Startup – June 02, 9:15 am