Thanh Hong Phuc Nguyen - Inventures 2023

Thanh Hong Phuc Nguyen


, Kibbi Technologies Inc

Hong Phuc is an immigrant entrepreneur who arrived in Canada two years ago. Faced with the daunting challenges that immigrants often encounter when searching for employment, she took matters into her own hands and developed Kibbi App. Her goal was to revolutionize the job search experience for immigrants and refugees, enabling them to quickly integrate into the workforce and make valuable contributions to local businesses and economies. Kibbi App has proven instrumental in assisting thousands of newcomers every month by streamlining the process of finding local jobs, overcoming common barriers such as language barriers, lack of local knowledge, and difficulties in crafting resumes and cover letters. Setting it apart from other job portals, Kibbi App translates job postings into over 60 languages. Since its launch just six months ago, Kibbi App has successfully secured an investment of $895K from angel investors and is currently being incubated at Platform Calgary.


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