As many of these innovations reach market and integrate into our established systems, we’re able to measure, report and take stock of the effects of this emerging industry. Real-world data gives us a fresh new perspective and wider views. We’re now seeing reactive pivots and encouraging green lights.

So what’s next for this exciting sector? Deep learning has yet to demonstrate a strong ability to help machines reason, but there’s light at the end of that tunnel. Datasets and unsupervised learning have come under fire for accumulated bias, and as a result, innovators are flipping things around–looking to “small data” and revolutionary ways of learning that are far different from how the human brain takes in information. On the hardware side, sustainability will be the focus for this decade—simplifying the learning process and improving processing to the point where they’re no longer time and energy drains.

Canadian research and Alberta’s innovators, in particular, are at the forefront of the next wave of AI, and the research taking place here will have wide-reaching implications. Inventures 2020 explores this and other timely, thought-provoking topics. Join 4,000+ creative and curious minds on the frontier of innovation for an unforgettable experience.